Success Stories of Cryptocurrency Investors

The World Traveller

This millionaire preferrs to keep his identity secret. So let's call him Mr Smith. Mr. Smith is swimming in real money, all produced using Bitcoin. He has been traveling to the far corners of the planet in the fanciest ways ever for as long as four years. He just flies with first-class airlines and stays solely in 5-star suites. Doesn't it sound exciting?

Smith graduated from school in 2008 and turned into a product engineer in Silicon Valley. In 2010, one of his collaborators informed him regarding Bitcoin when the digital money increased value ten times from $0.008 to $0.08 through the span of five days. Following a couple of long stretches of research, he chose to put $3,000 into BTC paying $0.15 per 1 BTC while in those days cryptocurrency was a long way from well known.

Smith completely forgot about his venture till 2013, when BTC value began to rise. At the point when the value hit $350, in excess of two thousand times what he paid for it, the lucky guy sold 2,000 of his initial stock; when the value hit $800 only days after the fact, he sold 2,000 more. This is how he acheived $2.3 million and chose to leave his job to travel the four corners of the globe.

In total, he benefited $25 million from underlying speculation of $3,000. Furthermore, Smith still possesses 1,000 BTC, which he intends to sell when the value comes to $150,000.

Smith is one of the best examples of startling fortunes build upon smartly investing in bitcoin.

The kid who disliked school.

Like other kids in the same age, young Erik was fed up of going to school, so he made a deal with his parents. if he can acheive a fortune of 1 million before the age of eighteen he would be free not to go to college.

He was as young as eleven years old when he invested hs first 1000 euros , gifted from his grandmother in Bitcoins that were valued to $12 at that time, thanks to the advises of his brother. Two years later, when the price of Bitcoins increased, hundred times from $ 12 to $ 1200 he sold his Bitcoins to gather his first $100000. With this money he founded an instructive startup, in 2014. He moved to silicon valey and started giving lectures and travelling all around the world.

In 2015, he got offers to sell his business for 100000$ or 300 bitcoins, he chose bitcoin, and continued his succesfull career by diversifying his businesses, to become billionair at the age of 18.

Winklevoss Twins– The earliest Billionaires

Two of the first adopters of Bitcoins. In 2013, they held 1% of the world existing coins. Nowadays they own $400 million and net worth of $1 Bilion. Furthermore, they are the leaders of the crypto transactions through their website "Gemini".

In 2012,they have already started investing in blockchain. They were the first to have z media network as large.They even accused Mark Zuckerbirg of steeling their idea and went to court for thid to get $65 millions compensation.

During bitcoin's incredible drop between 2013 to 2015, they lost 80% of their venture. In April 2013, the twins together were holding $11 million in BTC, valued at $120 a coin. That holding kept being multiplied to be worth more than $1 billion in December 2017 as the cost of one coin outperformed $11,700.

Now they belong to the world of crypto millionaires. Furthermore, they still prefer to invest more their money gained rather than spend it on useless luxuries.

The Crypto Castle Builder

Also belonging to the early venturers who were from the best benefiters. He was curious about cryptocurrency and tried to learn as much as he could about it, still the scarcness of material hindered his early realization of the real, big worth of this currency.

Only in 2014 was he able to understand that bitcoins were an incredibly profitable investment. He started by investing a minor amount, after he saw that he got his investment back doubled , he kept investing. He liked how he was able to deal with currency simply by having an internet connexion and the fact that there were not much complicated rules for this practice.

At the age of 25, he was already a millionaire, after surviving a harsh life and dropping out of college two times. He built the cripto castle in San Fransisco, welcoming people sharing same passion as him from all corners of the world to form them. Nowadays, he owns a portfolio that enables him to keep making money regardless of the decrease or increase in vaue of Bitcoins.

The First man who joined Coinbase

This man had faith in Cryptocurrency since the first moments he discovered it. In 2013, he applyed for working in Coinbase, he was accepted as the first employee there.

Few were the peple who knew abou cryptocurrencies. Yet, he beleived so strongly in it and even convinced his boss to pay his salary as Bitcoins rather than real money. He baught bitcoins also from his own pocket.

His first investment was a big loss because it coincided with a huge drop in bitcoins from $16 each to $2, yet he still had faith. Shortly after, his investment in a startling way increased from $4 million to $200 million just in few months.

Bitnstant Creator

Charlie Shrem was one of the first speculators of cryptocurrency who made real profit. He was at his last year at Brooklyn College, in 2011, devoting most of his time to this new find out (Bitcoins).

in 2011, he baught his first 500 bitcoins at $3 each, then when the price increased to $20, he purchased more. He thaught that creating an exchnage for converting USD to BTC would be lucrative so he did. Shortly after, big investors started using his platform to buy from different 700000 stores Bitcoins.

Since that time, Charlie has converted a total of $ 14 million USD in BTC. Nowadays,his neth value is around $45 million.

Millionaire Before Turning 18

Only 15 years old, Eddy Zillan began his quest in the world of cryptocurrencies. His earliest investment was $100, in 2011, the reeturn was so fast and encouraging, that he imedatlly decided to invest further money.

At that time the recources were so scarce and almost inexsistent that he almost only followed his instant. As he was investing, cryptocurrency was increasing in value, in only a short period of time his portfolio was valued at $350000. By the begining of 2018, getting eighteen, his portfolio attained $ 1 million.

Furthermore, he is multiplyig his sucess by teaching others the art of dealing with Bitcoins.

The wealthiest Crypto King

Chris Larsen, a Stanford MBA and one of the two founders of the Ripple currency who has also aquired big experience in Selecon Valley is the wealthiest man when it comes to cryptocurrency fortunes. His company manages 61 billion of the 100 billion xrps globally.

In the begning of 2018, his crypto fortune was valued at $ 8 billion, he has taken part in many different intelectual businesses, regardless of his age (57 years old) such as Mortage Lende and Prosper Market Place.

Then, he he got the idea of inventing a new currency: "The Ripple", with the help of Jed McCaleb. The ripple was aimed at easing the transfer of money internationally for banks relying on blockchain technology.

In february 2018, he has been aknowledged by Forbes as owning the biggest fortune built uppon cryptocurrencies, which is equal to $59 billion.