Trading Technics of Bitcoins

Now that you have goten an idea about how to buy Bitcoin, you must be wondering "what about trading it?". trading Bitcoin seems very difficult and confusing to most people, however we are presenting here some technics to help you understand the michanisms of this process. One of the most secure strategies are the following:

Day Trading

This strategy works best for traders who prefer trading in relatively short periods of time and to get their profit fast. In this strategy traders open and end their Bitcoins purchase in one trading day. This strategies relies on keping track on the World news and paterns that may affcet Bitcoins' value in anyhow and reacte base on them (take decision weather to buy or sell).

Swing Trading

The swing traders have different goals, they follow the movements of the price trends of Bitcoins since they start and keep an eye on them until it witnessing a trajic fluctuation or a change in movement direction. This strategy enables individuals to take adventage of the market natural flow of activity.


This strategy relies on taking adventage from the smallest fluctuations in the price of Bitcoins to relaize profit. Even though the profit generated from this strategy s too little compared with the one ganed from big opportunities, it is more frequent and can provide relatively respectable periodic gains.

Passive Trading

Then, if you just want to live your footprint in the crypto market just to try your luck and you are not interested that much in making big profits, passive trading should be the strategy for you. You just have to wait for the price of Bitcoins to decrease to a certain level to buy them. Then, wait again for their price to increase to reach a certain level to sell them at the most profitable rate as possible.